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At Santry. Brilliant organisation and much to celebrate, especially when Peter Matthews became the first ever Irish male athlete to win the race. Overall winner again was England with 69 points; Ireland was second on 63 points.
Jenny Phillips (4094), Jill Harrison (5102), Kirsty Murray (3593)Jane Coker (W), Laura Mahady (S), Jim McNamara (Ire)Helen Ingram (Ire)Fionnuala McCourt (N Ire), Caroline Jones (W)Christine Kilkenny (E)Mary Jennings (Ire)Mary Jennings (Ire)Christy Creagh (Ire)Pat Healy (Ire), Mary Butler (Ire)Joan Coyle (Ire)Tadhg Twomey (Ire)Evelyn McNelis, Roisin Lynch (Ire)Evelyn McNelis, Kathleen O'Brien (Ire)Annette Kealy (Ire), Melissa Whyte (Sco)Donna Mahon (Ire)Niamh O'Sullivan (Ire)Carmel Parnell (Ire), Sue Ridley (Sco)Carmel Parnell (Ire), Sue Ridley (Sco)Anne Curley, Lucy Darcy (Ire)Pam Benson (Ire)